Training: Bpi training - energy auditor Courses

Date and Time


Specialization course that focuses on ways to enhance the building envelope's thermal and pressure boundaries through insulation and air sealing techniques. Some building analyst topics will be covered.


For companies in energy auditing field, the BPI Envelope Professional course along with BPI Building Analyst course will enable your company to apply for BPI accreditation.  BPI company accreditation is highly sought after by firms as it enables companies to apply for local and state incentives. 


For individuals, this is an additional credential and further understanding of the building envelope that can better prepare you to enter the green workforce.

Course Duration:


2 Days – 1 Day of classroom training, 1 Day of hands on field training, proctored written exam, proctored field exam.



BPI Building Analyst 1 course.

Course Topics:

Indoor air quality

Health and Safety

Thermal pressure evaluation

Blower door applications

Insulation techniques

Ventilation systems