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Training of custodial, construction, and maintenance workers is one of the keys to a successful operations and maintenance program. BAOS ensures you and your team have the tools to succeed.

Asbestos Training Program Details

As per New York state regulations, no contractor shall engage in or permit a person employed by the contractor to engage in or supervise work on an asbestos project unless each such person has a valid asbestos handling certificate issued by the commissioner appropriate to the work performed by such person on an asbestos project. Training for all certificates hereafter set forth shall meet all requirements established by the New York State Department of Health. Any person employed by a contractor on an asbestos project shall have an appropriate asbestos handling certificate or a copy thereof in his/her possession at all times during his/her work on the project.

NYS Asbestos Initial Courses: In-Person Classroom Training

NYS Asbestos Refresher Courses: Online Webinar and In-Class Options

What Asbestos Course(s) is right for you?

If so, you must obtain EPA Building Inspector Accreditation. The EPA and OSHA require you to take at least the three-day course BUILDING INSPECTION FOR ASBESTOS (We recommend following it up with MANAGEMENT PLANNING FOR ASBESTOS).

If so, you must obtain EPA Contractor/Supervisor Accreditation by taking the five-day course CONTRACTOR SUPERVISOR. This accreditation is mandatory for anyone supervising asbestos removal work where the debris will require more than one waste bag or glove bag, and for New York State and New York City certification. You may also act as a worker, not just a supervisor, with this accreditation.

If so, you must obtain EPA Project Designer Accreditation. The EPA requires you to take the three-day DESIGNING ASBESTOS ABATEMENT PROJECTS course. This accreditation is mandatory for New York State certification. Note: this course has a prerequisite of extensive asbestos work experience or completion of the contractor/supervisor course.

If so, you must obtain EPA Worker Accreditation. The EPA requires you to take a four-day worker course. You may satisfy the requirement with our CONTRACTOR SUPERVISOR course (but first please note the warning on reading skills required for all our courses).

The EPA requires you to take a one-day refresher course each year to maintain each of your AHERA course accreditations.

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