OSHA Certification Training New York

OSHA Outreach training in construction or general industry provides an official OSHA card from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL). New York City construction and demolition workers can also meet Local Law 196 training requirements completely online. Both training programs can open doors to exciting new job opportunities.

OSHA Certification

On-Line Anytime, Live Webinar, and Classroom Training Available!

BAOS assists companies in providing safety and health information and instruction needed for their employees to work at minimal risk to themselves, to fellow employees, and to the public. BAOS’s approach to training follows OSHA’s training guidelines. Topics include work site safety, equipment handling, and other hazards encountered on a construction site. Our OSHA courses enable firms to be in compliance with local and federal work site requirements.


For Online On-Demand Courses: After registration, students will receive information on signing onto the On-Demand platform (offered via our training partner – ClickSafety).  Students can begin self-paced course anytime after registration.

For Online Webinar Courses:After registration, students will receive information on signing onto the Live Online Webinar offered via ZOOM. Please note access to PC with webcam and audio will be necessary to attend the live webinar on ZOOM.  Students will be required to show their state ID (example: Drivers license) at the start of the Webinar.  During the Live webinar, students will be able to interact with the instructor. Training will be actively proctored at all times.

Local Law 196 of 2017, requires Supervisors at job sites requiring a Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Coordinator or Site Safety Manager to receive 62 hours of site safety training (SST). This only includes Site Safety Managers, Site Safety Coordinators, Concrete Safety Managers, Construction Superintendents and Competent Persons designated by Construction Superintendents.

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