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Training: Asbestos

2 Hour Asbestos Awareness – Workers – CLASSROOM – NYC

Date and Time


Training for employees performing Class IV operations shall be consistent with EPA requirements for training of local eduation agency maintenance and custodial staff (custodians, electricians, heating/air conditioning engineers, plumbers etc) as set forth at 40 CFR 763.92 (a)(1). The staff who may work in a building that contains ACBM receive awareness training of atleast 2 hours, whether or not they are required to work with ACBM. Such a course shall include available information concerning the locations of thermal system insulation and surfacing ACM/PACM, and asbestos-containing material where the absence of asbestos has not yet been confirmed.

Course Content:

  • Information regarding asbestos and its various uses
  • Information on health effects associated with asbestos exposure
  • Location of ACBM identified through the building
  • The purpose, proper use, fitting, of respirators
  • Appropriate work practices
  • Medical surveillance program

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