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Training: Mold

Mold Abatement Worker Initial – CLASSROOM – NYC

Date and Time


Mold Abatement Worker is a 2 day course and is required for workers that perform any type of mold abatement work in any capacity and are employed
by a licensed mold remediation contractor.  New York State regulations require indiviudals performing mold abatement to be trained as a Mold Abatement worker by an accredited training program.  Upon successful completion of the course, student will have to submit an application to New York State department of labor licensing unit to obtain a license.

Course Content:

  •  Introduction to regulations
  •  Indoor air quality and health effects
  •  Hazard communication
  •  Workplace hazards – PPE, Asbestos, Confined Space, etc.
  •  Mold remediation containment / air filtration.
  •  Work practices for removing, cleaning, and treating mold.
  •  Hands – on work area prep 

In Class