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Training: Lead

EPA-Lead Based Paint Risk Assessor Initial

Date and Time

Day 1: Lecture portion of the course will be done online via live webinar. Student must have PC with a webcam and microphone for the video conference. 

Day 2 : Hands-on and course exam will be administered in person at our facility.

After registration, students will receive information on signing onto the webinar platform via ZOOM.  Students will be required to show their state ID at the start of the Webinar.  Students will be able to interact with the instructor. Training will be actively proctored at all times.  Certificate will only be issued upon successful completion of both parts of the course and exam. 


Certificate Information:
Pre-requisites: Completion of Lead Inspector or proof of accreditation of Lead Inspector.

This 2-day course is offered in conjuction with Lead Inspector course. The course prepares students to perform on-site inspection, take samples or guide an Inspector Technician in taking samples, determine the severity of lead hazards and develop options for actions to eliminate those hazards.

Course Content:

  • Roles and responsibilities of Risk Assessor
  • Visual inspection for the purpose of identifying potential sources of lead-based paint hazards
  • Lead hazard screen protocol
  • Preparation of final risk assessment report
  • Development of hazard control options

Pre-requisites – Completion of Lead Inspector or proof of accreditation of Lead Inspector