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Training: Safety mgr - construction fire

Construction Site Fire Safety Manager – CSFSM – ONLINE WEBINAR

Date and Time


After registration, students will receive information on signing onto the webinar platform via ZOOM.  Please note access to PC with webcam and audio will be necessary to attend the live webinar.  Students will be required to show their state ID (example: Drivers license) at the start of the Webinar.  During the Live webinar, students will be able to interact with the instructor. Training will be actively proctored at all times. 

The Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Training (CSFSM) will fulfill the training requirements for Fire Safety Manager under the new regulation of the New York City Fire Safety Department.

Course Content:

  • Overview of the construction site fire safety requirements and responsibilities of the fire safety manager
  • Introduction to FDNY fire code and fire code for construction sites

Upon successful completion of the course and the examination, students will receive a certificate.  The student can then file for the FDNY Certificate of Fitness.  CSFSM course certificates are valid for one year.

FDNY Certificate of Fitness:

Upon successful completion of the course, each student has upto 1 year to submit all paperwork and fee to the FDNY.  FDNY will review applications and will determine if the student qualifies for the certificate of fitness.  Qualified applicants will be required to take a Computer Based Test (CBT) at FDNY headquarters. 

Fee for Certificate of Fitness: $ 25

Please visit the following link to obtain application for Certificate of Fitness: