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40- Hour Site Safety – ONLINE WEBINAR

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40-Hour Site Safety – Online Live Webinar

The 40-Hour Site Safety course is for construction professionals applying to take the Site Safety Manager exam or registering witht the NYC Department of Buildings as a Site Safety Coordinator or Registered Construction Superintendent.  This course is required by NYC Department of Buildings before taking the written examination for a New York City Site Safety Manager.  Site Safety managers are required to be on site for the construction of new buildings 15 or more stories, or 200 feet or more in height, or with lot coverage of more than 100,000 square feet. This course is review of Chapter 33 and the Rules of the City of New York. 

Course Content & Objectives:

  • Federal and State standards, NYC codes for construction pracitces
  • Fire protection regulations, DOT regualtions and permits.
  • Record keeping and reporting

NYC DOB exam fee for SITE SAFETY MANAGER License exam applicants:  $525 (Payable to NYC DOB).  This fee is separate of course fees.

NYC DOB exam fee for SITE SAFETY COORDINATOR:  $ 100 initial fee to NYC DOB along with LIC-2 application.  Contact Licensing unit at DOB (212-566-4100) to schedule appointment.

NYC DOB registration fee for CONSTRUCTION SUPERINTENDENTS: $100 fee to NYC DOB when application is submitted.  Contact Licensing unit at DOB (212-566-4100) to schedule appointment.