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30 Hour Concrete Safety Manager – CLASSROOM – NYC

Date and Time

Concrete Safety Manager: Effective January 1, 2009

The Department of Buildings will require a Concrete Safety Manager to be present on all construction sites where a minimum of 2,000 cubic yards of concrete will be poured beginning January 1, 2009. By July 1, 2009, these individuals must be fully registered with the DOB and have their name on the permit application.

A 30-Hour Department of Buildings approved training course covering site safety and concrete operations will be one of the requirements for obtaining permit.


CSM’s must have 5 years of experience in Concrete Operations. Experience must be documented with notarized letters from past and current employers.

CSM must be present to oversee all concrete operations for the duration of the project.

CSM must coordinate directly with Site Safety Manager on record for that project.

The name and contact information of the CSM must be detailed in the Site Safety Manager log book.

A CSM can only be responsible for concrete operations one site at a time.

  • Registration Fee: $150
  • Renewal Fee: $100
  • Renewal Late Fee: $50
  • Registration Term: 3 years
  • Location

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