Training: Sst local law 196 training Courses

Date and Time

32 Hour Supervisor SST Package  - ONLINE - LIVE WEBINAR !      

After registration, students will receive a information on signing onto the webinar via ZOOM.  Please note access to a PC with webcam and audio will be necessary to attend the live webinar.  Students will be required to show NY state ID (example: Drivers License) at the start of the Webinar.  


Local law 196 requires workers and supervisor to receive safety training at construction sites that are required to designate a construction superintendent, site safety coordinator or site safety manager.  By September 1, 2020 all workers will need total of 40 Hour of training to qualify for the Site Safety Training (SST) card.  Supervisors must have a total of 62 hours of training by June 1, 2019 to obtain a Supervisor SST training card.  The quickest way for a Supervisor to qualify for the Supervisor SST cards (total of 62 hours) is to complete the following courses: 


·         30 Hour OSHA Class (not included in package, register for course in OSHA course page) and the following additional classes:


32 Hour SST package (3.5 Days of Training):

·         8 Hour Fall Prevention

·         8 Hour Chapter 33

·         4 Hour Supported Scaffold User

·         2 Hour Site Safety Plan

·         2 Hour Tool Box Talks

·         2 Hour Pre-Task Meetings

·         2 Hours of General Electives

·         2 Hours of Specialized Electives 

·         2 Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness

**If a student has already completed training in certain SST topics, credit hours can be applied toward the SST course requirements. Refer to the NYC DOB Course Equivalent document for applicable credit hours toward the SST card requirements.


 Students will receive SST card or course certificate subject to proof of prior training and proof of identity as specified by NYC DOB requirements.  Please bring 30 HOUR OSHA Card and OSHA trainer name and ID # for   verification of completion of OSHA training.  30 HOUR OSHA training must be within 5 years.  SST card issuance can take up to two weeks after course completion, subject to training and identity verification. 

      Proof of Identity :  Must total 4 Points


New York State DMV# OR NYC ID Card #  =  4 Points



      Other ID (i.e. DMV for another state, US Passport, Foreign Passport) = 3 Points


      Additional Document for Proof of Address (i.e. Utility Bill, Cable Bill, Bank Statement, or Credit Card Statement) = 1 Point