Training: Certification Information

Asbestos Certification/Training:

No contractor shall engage in or permit a person employed by the contractor to engage in or supervise work on an asbestos project unless each such person has a valid asbestos handling certificate issued by the commissioner appropriate to the work performed by such person on an asbestos project as defined elsewhere in this part (rule). Training for all certificates hereafter set forth shall meet all requirements established by the New York State Department of Health.

Employee certification:

Any person employed by a contractor on an asbestos project shall have an appropriate asbestos handling certificate or a copy thereof in his/her possession at all times during his/her work on the project. Should the commissioner at any time deem it impractical for such certificates or copies thereof to be maintained in the possession of such persons, the commissioner may permit some appropriate alternate location proximate to but outside the work area at which such certificates or copies thereof may be kept by the contractor for certificate to surrender the original thereof for safekeeping, display, or any other purpose.

Please refer to each Asbestos Course for certificate details…