BAOS consulting business is customer service oriented and focused mainly on quality management and on time delivery. BAOS professionals executed exclusive projects that need great deal of expertise, experience and resources. Some of the projects handled by BAOS include asbestos management for buildings owned by various city agencies, industrial hygiene services provided to educational institutions, environmental management assessment and occupational safety and health services rendered to various industrial houses.

Our consulting services are grouped into four main areas:

  1. Asbestos Management Services
    • Building Assessments, including bulk sampling
    • Regulatory compliance filing
    • Abatement monitoring
    • Prevalent level air monitoring
    • Operations and Maintenance
  2. Industrial Hygiene Services
    • I.H. Assessments
    • Air Quality Monitoring and Evaluations
  3. Environmental Management Services
    • Pollution Prevention
    • Regulatory Compliance audit
    • Environmental Site Assessment
    • Air Pollution Control
  4. Occupational Safety and Health Services
    • OSHA compliance audits
    • Construction Safety
    • Development of OSHA Programs