Training: Osha

More than 100 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act's (OSHA) current standards contain training requirements. BAOS assists companies in providing safety and health information and instruction needed for their employees to work at minimal risk to themselves, to fellow employees, and to the public.

BAOS's approach to training follows OSHA's voluntary training guidelines which help companies to a) determine whether a worksite problem can be solved by training; b) determine what training, if any, is needed; c) identify goals and objetives for the training; d) develop learning activities; e) conduct the training; f) evaluate theh effectiveness of the training; and f) revise the training program based on feedback from employees, supervisors and others.

BAOS can be used to develop training programs for a variety of occupational safety and health hazards identified at the workplace. Additionally, BAOS can assist companies in their effort to meet the training requirements in current or future occupational safety and health standards.