Training: Lead Courses

Date and Time

Day 1 : Lecture portion of the course will be done online via live webinar. 

Day 2 : Hands-on and course test will be administered in person at our facility.

After registration, students will receive information on signing onto the webinar platform via ZOOM.  Please note access to PC with webcam and audio will be necessary to attend the live webinar.  Students will be required to show their state ID at the start of the Webinar.  Students will be able to interact with the instructor. Training will be actively proctored at all times.


Certificate Information:
This 2-day lead-worker course materials is designed to meet federal EPA training requirements. This course is not intended to meet all the OSHA worker training requirments for projects in other buildings and facilities.  An additional 1-day will be added, if required, to meet the OSHA worker training requirements. 

This 2-day worker course and hands-on activities will cover topics on : background information and sources of contamination on lead, federal and local regulations, hazard recognition and controls, health effects, safety, medical surveillance, personal protective equipment, respirators, clothing, work practices including work area preparation, indoor and outdoor abatement of paint, dust and soil, clean-up and disposal and record keeping.

This course is designed to provide information on the identification and abatment of lead-based paint hazards.

Course Content:

  • Identification of lead-based paint hazards
  • Proper abatement and handling of lead-based paint
  • Legal, insurance and liability concerns
  • State and Federal regulations
  • Effects of lead exposure
  • Sources of lead contamination
  • X-Ray Flourescence Detectors (XRF)
  • HUD's hazard assessment protocol
  • State-of-the art abatement procedures
  • Removal/encapsulation/enclosure procedures
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